All X Ray Diagnostic Services is home to advanced CT technology in the South Florida area. Computed Axial Tomography (CAT or CT) is a way of looking at the inside of your body. The images produced are cross-sectional - patterned much like slices of bread. By taking a series of such images, a CAT scan can create a multidimensional view of the body.

Over the years, computed tomography systems have played an integral role in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and health conditions. Advances in CT technology have improved patient care and created new ways to diagnose and treat disease.


Our centers offer patients the comforts of having most diagnostic imaging services in the convenience of one location. We provide a soothing environment, easy appointment scheduling and walk-in patients are always welcome. Reports are available within 24-48 hours (STATS turnaround is offered upon request). All major insurances are accepted, including Medicare, Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation cases.

Contact All X Ray Diagnostic Services to receive more information about our CT Scan services. We accept most insurances, but if you are uninsured or have a high deductible, call us now for a free quote! Our goal is your Health